Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fishin' for Rares: Krakkanon

Fishing, it's not something I usually talk about on my blog. Mainly because it's never had anything specifically to do with rares (the silver dragon kind) until just recently. Well, patch 5.2 sure added a lot to the fishing profession, and one of those things is a rare - that you can fish up!

Meet Krakkanon. He's a really, really BIG kraken that you can fish up in any of the new fish of the day locations throughout Pandaria.

If you haven't been keeping up on fishing since the patch, let me give you a brief overview of some of the changes. Each day there is now a new "fish of the day" location somewhere in Pandaria. The fish of the day locations contain tons and tons of very fast re-spawning pools of one kind of fish. The type of fish that the pools contain depends on what location the pools are in; and although the pools are named slightly differently, the fish caught are identical to the ones already existing in Pandaria.

The fish of the day location seems to be determined randomly, and resets at 3am PST. To find out where the fish of the day are located on any particular day, you can talk to the fishing trainer Ben of the Booming Voice. Ben is located just outside of Halfhill at 58.9, 46.9, standing beside the Gilding Stream.

When you talk to Ben, he'll tell you where the fish are migrating on that day and what type of fish can be caught there. If your lazy like myself, you can even ask him to mark the exact location on your map. When he marks your map it will show up like the little red x that you see on the left in the screenshot below.

Fish of the day location marked on World Map and Mini-Map
There are nine possible locations where the fish of the day could be. (I have marked all of them on the map below, as well as where you can find Ben of the Booming Voice.) When you get to the designated area, if you are tracking fishing pools your mini map should look something like the one in the screenshot above. You will also know your in the right spot because there will be several friendly npc's fishing there, including Salty El herself from El's Extreme Anglin'!

Possible fish of the day locations. Click map to Enlarge.
There will literally be more pools there than you can fish, and they will keep re-spawning at an accelerated rate. Fishing these pools is a nice fast way to stock up on fish you may be needing, and it's been reported that even the coveted Sea Turtle mount can be fished out of them! If you don't have a water-walking ability, I highly recommend getting the Angler's Fishing Raft to easily move between pools. Also, don't forget to use your Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm if you have it, as it will allow you to stock up on those fish even faster! (More info on where to find the charm and other treasures in this post: Lost and Found Achievement: Where to Find Lost Treasures in Pandaria.)

Once in a while a larger than average size pool will spawn in, and this pool will have a different name than the smaller ones around it. In the screenshot below, we had been fishing from Sha-Touched Spinefish pools until this Large Pool of Sha-Touched Spinefish appeared. The large pools always contain the same type of fish as the other pools around it, however it will contain many more - we fished this pool for about 10 minutes before we finally got to the bottom of it.

Fishing a Large Pool for Krakkanon
When the large pool has finally been fished clean, a rare elite kraken named "Krakkanon" will appear. This rare has a massive health pool of about 20 Million hp. He will not automatically aggro when he spawns in, and he cannot be "tapped" by a single person. Any angler in the area who participates in killing him will be able to share in the reward.

Krakkanon has a very large hit-box, and he only uses two abilities - neither hit very hard. His two abilities are called Gurrggggle and Shpshhh. They are both dealt as frost damage. The most annoying this he does is a knock-back that will toss you into the air in a big spray of water, but it can be avoided. If you see a small pool of water forming under you, you will have a couple of seconds to move out of it before it errupts and tosses you into the air. He should be soloable by just about any class depending on your gear. (The only time I could really see this fight being difficult would be if it continued on for a very long time and he slowly whittled your health down.)

Once defeated, Krakkanon always seems to drop a 20-stack of the type of fish that spawn in that current location. He has a high chance to drop one of the "rare-catch" uncommon quality fish like the Flying Tiger Gourami, which starts a quest that can be handed in to Nat Pagle to increase your reputation with him. Krakkanon also has a pretty decent chance to drop Nat's Fishing Journal, a bind on account item that can be used to raise fishing on your alts. Until you reach revered with Nat pagle, this is the only way to acquire this item, and it will save you a lot of gold if you were planning on purchasing it. If he drops any of these items, anyone who attacked him will all get the same loot.

The rewards aren't super-spectacular for fishing up and killing this guy, but all in all I think it's a nice addition to the game and a great way to break up the monotonous task that fishing in wow can be.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Like Raptor Mounts? Spend some time on the Isle of Giants!

Ahhh mounts, who doesn't love em? Mounts, pets, titles, vanity items - they're the only things in game that will truly last patch after patch, and with each new expansion. Today I'm not going to talk about rare spawns, I'm just going to blab a little about some of these new mounts I'm loving in patch 5.2. Specifically - the Raptor mounts!

In patch 5.2 there were four new raptor mounts introduced to the game. All four of these mounts can be obtained by spending some time on Jurassic Park the Isle of Giants. Killing the dinosaurs on the isle will land you stacks and stacks of Giant Dinosaur Bones, which can ultimately be used to purchase Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor. This mount looks very similar to the Ivory Raptor, an Old School Ride that was taken out of the game in patch 1.4.

Bone-White Primal Raptor (Thank you to Arelae and Rickoutragos for posing for me!)
The larger, more difficult to kill dinosaurs drop more bones. For example, a Primal Devilsaur will land you anywhere between 35-45 bones, whereas a much easier to kill Young Primal Devilsaur will get you between 11-13 bones. Once you've collected 9,999 bones you can turn them in to Ku'ma <The Bone Collector>, to complete the quest A Mountain of Giant Dinosaur Bones. You'll find Ku'ma in a cave on the western side of the island. The quest reward is the previously mentioned sexy Bone-White Primal Raptor. You'll also receive a feat of strength called I've Got 9999 Problems but a Bone-White Primal Raptor Ain't One.

The larger dinosaurs have more health and deal a lot more damage, and will therefore require a group to kill. Their younger versions should be soloable by most classes depending on your gear. While farming for bones, it is very likely that at some point you will come across a Primal Egg. This egg will hatch into a Cracked Primal Egg  in three days time and will contain one of three different mounts: Reins of the Green Primal Raptor, Reins of the Red Primal Raptor or Reins of the Black Primal Raptor.

Primal Eggs can drop off of any dinosaur mob on the island. They have a higher chance to drop off of the larger mobs than the young ones though. The egg is unique, so once you have one in your bag you cannot  loot another one until the one you have hatches. The color mount that you will receive from the egg is completely random, and it is possible to see the same color more than once. I received my first Primal Egg from a Primordial Direhorn Hatchling, which I pretty much farmed exclusively. When the egg dropped, I had killed enough dinosaurs to collect 1,321 Giant Dinosaur Bones.

My first egg contained Reins of the Green Primal Raptor (pictured below). This guy kind of looks like an un-armored version of the no longer obtainable Swift Razzashi Raptor - the one mount I desperately wanted and farmed for but was never able to obtain before being taken out of the game pre-cataclysm. This guy's no substitute, but he's still pretty awesome looking.

Green Primal Raptor
Anyone who is familiar with the Savage Raptor TCG mount should notice the incredible similarities between it and the Red Primal Raptor. I'll admit, I was a little disappointed to find out that they looked so incredibly similar. The only difference between the two seems to be the saddle and reins color. Below you can see the Savage Raptor (left) and Red Primal Raptor (right) standing side-by-side for comparison. I personally think they should have made the Red Primal Raptor a little more, gee I Meh, oh well. At least bronze is in the red family.

Savage Raptor and Red Primal Raptor
I think my favorite of the three possible mounts from the cracked egg is the Black Primal Raptor (pictured below). He's got such purty blue eyes! ^-^ This mount looks fairly similar to the Venomhide Ravasaur mount obtainable by Horde characters for completing the quest They Grow Up So Fast.

Black Primal Raptor (thanks Reinoverall for posing for me!)
Primal Eggs can also be obtained from a couple of other sources outside of farming dinosaurs. The Shiny Pile of Refuse that drops from Oondasta, and Treasures of the Thunder King (from bosses in Throne of Thunder)  also have a small chance to contain an egg.

Ultimately, I really do like all of these new raptor mounts. Yes, even the Red Primal Raptor. As someone who plays predominantly Alliance, it's nice to have some more choices when it comes to raptor models now. I also love the fact that they are unarmored and feather-free. Don't get me wrong, some of the armored ones look fantastic - it's just that I REALLY like the less-frilly look.

Monday, March 18, 2013

War-God Dokah (Rare Elite on Isle of Giants)

War-God Dokah <Ward of Beasts> is a level 92 rare elite that can be found on the Isle of Giants. He is located at the bow of the ship in the southeastern part of the zone. (Map with exact location further down in post.) This ship is inhabited by a pretty hefty Zandalari Dinomancer population.

Getting to Dokah without a flying mount can be a little tricky, especially if you don't feel like plowing your way through a heap-ton of elite mobs and the Primal Devilsaur that stands just outside the ship on your way in. To get onto the ship your going to need to jump onto one of the small canoes on the northwest side right near the two Dinomancers and the Devilsaur. Rogues and druids can simply stealth by them, hunters can get past with camouflage and everyone else who can't stealth...your in luck! You can get past every hostile mob on the ship with a neat dinosaur disguise called the Intact Direhorn Hide.

Alliance can purchase this disguise from Agrant Sharpshot on the western side of the island. Horde can purchase their disguise from Arnold Raygun on the eastern side. I would recommend purchasing several disguises because when/if your disguise wears off the item will have disappeared from your bags. I marked the locations of where you can find each of these vendors on the map below.

When you have your disguise, make sure you use it before getting too close to the ship. I chose the left canoe to get up, as it seemed a bit further from the hostile mobs. Once your on board just keep as much distance as possible between you and anything hostile and make your way up to Dokah.

This method is really only necessary if your trying to get to Dokah quickly and without dying. Otherwise I totally recommend clearing the Dinomancers for their loot. The Dinomancers can drop four different battle pets including: Zandalari Toenibbler, Zandalari Anklerender, Zandalari Footslasher and Zandalari Kneebiter. For hunters they can drop an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy, which will allow the taming of Direhorns in any spec. They even have a small chance to drop Zandalari Journals required for the Achievement Zandalari Library Card.

Ok so now your probably going to want to know a little bit about how to fight War-God Dokah. Dokah has a little over 42M health and will require a few people to defeat. I took him down in a group of all hunters and a druid tank (video below). I've also heard of others two and three manning him as well. Naturally the ideal group will have some sort of tank, heals and a dps. Before engaging him you should also clear out the hostile mobs in the immediate area nearby to avoid getting adds during the fight. (Note: Depending on how long it takes you to kill him these mobs may respawn while your still in combat with Dokah. If this happens just cc them or burn them down.)

If you are familiar with the abilities the Zandalari Warbringers use, you should be pretty comfortable fighting Dokah - he uses the same ones.
  • Horrific Visage - Causes a random person to flee in fear for 8 seconds. (Pretty self-explanatory)
  • Meteor Shower - These are very big meteors - it's hard not to see them. They do hurt, but are easy to move away from, especially for ranged who can stand out of range of the shower entirely.
  • Scarab Swarm - These scarabs can be aoe'd down, they don't do a ton of damage but they can be annoying to healers. They will eventually despawn if not killed.
  • Thunder Crush - The spell effect is very obvious on the ground in front of him. It looks like a lightning cloud sitting just over the ground. Move out of it.
  • Vengeful Spirit - Dokah will periodically summon a spirit that will go after different party members. DO NOT let this spirit hit you. She hurts - very badly. She also moves very slowly and can be slowed even further. If she's coming at you just move away until she despawns.

War-God Dokah's drops are also fairly similar to those of the Warbringers, minus the mounts disappointingly. He has a very good chance to drop a Small Bag of Zandalari Supplies and a Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies. Each of these can contain all sorts of materials used in professions. The big bag also has a chance to contain some epic weapons & armor. In addition to the bags, he generally drops quite a few reputation items including: Stolen Golden Lotus InsigniaStolen Celestial InsigniaStolen Shado-Pan Insignia and Stolen Klaxxi Insignia.

This guy has a fairly short respawn timer as well, so if you get a group together for him - odds are he'll be up.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Tame Hutia (Green Spectral Porcupine)

Hutia is the final spirit beast I'll be going over that was added in patch 5.2. I found Hutia to be a little more forgiving to tame than her friends Gumi and Degu. Well actually, make that a lot more forgiving.

As with the other two spectral porcupines, Hutia has about 4M health and must be dps'd down to 20% before her Strong Will buff will drop and she can be tamed. If she gets within melee range she will two-shot you. She is fast, but thankfully she is not nearly as fast as Gumi. She also doesn't have any type of ranged attack like Degu does. The thing to know about Hutia is she's got an annoying heal called Spirit Heal that she'll cast periodically as shes chasing you. This spell needs to be interrupted! 

Helpful Glyphs and Talents:

You can easily make this tame smoother by using certain glyphs and talents. Glyph of Tame Beast I would definitely recommend. Glyph of Disengage can also prove to be handy (I used both of these glyphs when I tamed her in the video below.) If your having trouble Glyph of Pathfinding, Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah and Glyph of Icetrap may be enough to make a successful tame (I didn't use these).

Talents that will come in handy with this tame are Posthaste (for the nice speed increase), Silencing Shot (to interrupt her heal), Exhilaration (in case she manages to hit you), Dire Beast (for the extra dot while kiting), A Murder of Crows (another dot) and Glaive Toss (for the additional slow and damage).


Once you've got your glyphs and talents ready, be sure you know where you'll be kiting her. I found the best option was to simply kite her around the large tree on the ground. She can't run through the tree to smack you, but you can conveniently use all of your offensive abilities right through it! I drew some red arrows in the screenshot below to show the path I used.

The Tame:

Before pulling her be sure to put down an Ice Trap and Snake Trap in her path. When your ready to go, hit her with a Serpent Sting and Concussive Shot and start moving away. Throw as many dots on her as possible including your Dire Beast and Murder of Crows. While keeping your dots up, it's very important to make sure the Concussive Shot debuff doesn't wear off of her.

While keeping her at a distance and working down her health it is crucial that you pay attention for her heal. She will periodically cast Spirit Heal on herself, and if it gets off she'll regain a very large portion of her health. To interrupt her heal simply hit her with  your Silencing Shot. She casts her heal infrequently enough that the cooldown on Silencing Shot should be finished and ready to go each time. If for some reason Silencing Shot is not available to you, Scatter Shot will also work on her.

Don't forget to use readiness so that you can use your big dots like Murder of Crows a second time. I also recommend waiting to use Stampede for emergency circumstances (shes up in your face and everything seems to be on cooldown). Of course if things are going quite smoothly and your confident she won't get anywhere near you I'd say go ahead and use it for the extra dps.

Once you have her down to about 20% her Strong Will buff will drop and she will become tamable. Before you start to tame, be sure to put as much distance between you and her as possible. Refresh Concussive Shot, throw down an Ice Trap in her path, hit Deterrence and Tame Beast. If things go smoothly Tame Beast should end just before she can get to you or she may get off one hit (which shouldn't matter so long you had plenty of health to begin with). Now hopefully you have a pretty new pet! ^-^

Where to Find Her:

You can find Hutia in The Jade Forest standing in front of a large fallen tree just northwest of Greenstone Quarry. I marked her exact location with a red dot on the map below.

WTB more stable slots Blizz.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Map of Rare Spawns on the Isle of Thunder

Tabbing in and out of wowhead to find these guys was driving me nuts. Here is a map for you guys (and me) to use to more easily find all of the rares on Isle of the Thunder King.

All of these rares are required for the Achievement Champions of Lei Shen except for Ra'sha (the rare who drops Ra'sha's Sacrifical Dagger). Ra'sha also does not share the same tapping system as the other rares on the isle. Only those grouped with someone who tap him can loot him.

Click map to Enlarge
Also here's some npcscan id's for those who use it. Add em all instantly with these macros:

/npcscan add 50358 Haywire Sunreaver Construct
/npcscan add 69664 Mumta
/npcscan add 69996 Ku'lai the Skyclaw
/npcscan add 69998 Goda
/npcscan add 69997 Progenitus

/npcscan add 70000 Al'tabim the All-Seeing
/npcscan add 69999 God-Hulk Ramuk
/npcscan add 70001 Backbreaker Uru
/npcscan add 70002 Lu-Ban
/npcscan add 70003 Molthor

Much more detailed post on these guys incoming. Until then enjoy.
Detailed post on these guys with updated map is complete. Check it out here: Isle of Thunder Rare Spawns. Enjoy!

How to Tame Gumi (Blue Spectral Porcupine)

Gumi, the level 90 blue spectral porcupine, is the second of the three new spirit beasts added in patch 5.2 that I'll be going over. This little guy is one heck of a terror. In all honesty I thought this was one of the hardest hunter pets to tame that I've encountered yet. Maybe THE hardest. At least for me, taming this guy made taming the other two spectral porcupines seem like a cakewalk.

Like Degu and Hutia (Gumi's red and green buddies), Gumi will need to be kited and dps'd down to about 20% health before his Strong Will buff will drop and you will be able to tame him. He will also two-shot you if he gets within melee range. Unlike the other two beasts though, this guy has no special abilities to be aware of. What makes this guy so difficult is the speed that he moves at. 

This beast moves so fast, it's as if he's mastered the art of teleportation. Those who (like myself) could never seem to get out of the habit of backpedaling will likely have the toughest time taming him. It is possible though, it will probably just require a few more tries before you nail it. I'll be honest here, I died a lot trying to nab this pretty beasty. Thankfully there is a spirit healer very close by.

Where to find Gumi:

There are a few things I'd like to recommend to make this tame go a little more smoothly:

  • Posthaste - The extra speed buff can be very helpful in putting some distance between you and Gumi
  • Binding Shot - An extra cc, I'd recommend using this right before your about to tame him
  • Exhilaration - If Gumi gets too close and you eat a hit, this will come in handy
  • Dire Beast - Basically an extra dot while kiting 
  • A Murder of Crows - Best dot you can throw on him while running for your life
  • Glaive Toss - It doesn't hurt to have an additional slow, plus it's instant!
Prepping to tame:

Before you even think about starting to kite this guy, make sure you are in beast mastery spec and that you have an empty stable slot open. You'll also want to make sure that you have aspect of the Cheetah up. If you choose to have a pet out to help dps him down a little faster, make sure that it has taunt off (otherwise Gumi will kill your pet). You'll also want to make a macro and have it on your hotbar so that you can abandon this pet right before you can begin taming Gumi. The macro to abandon your pet is: /script AbandonPet(). It's certainly not necessary to use another pet, but the extra dps can definitely make a difference, especially if you don't have the best gear.

Kiting location options:

Once your ready to tame, you will have quite a few kiting options. Some may find one easier than another. First, let me tell you what worked best for me. I chose to kite Gumi up through the mountain path north of Mount Neverest. I preferred this path because I encountered absolutely no hostile mobs along the way, I took no falling damage from using disengage, and being that it's already a laid out path - it's very easy to follow. At one point along the path (after you run past the graveyard) there will be a fork. Here you will take a left and then just keep following the path heading west. In the screenshot below I drew a line to show which path I mean. 

The next kiting option I've seen done successfully is to kite him around in a large circle. If you tend to backpedal like I do, I wouldn't recommend kiting this way. If your good a strafing you'll probably find this method fairly simple. You'll also encounter no hostile mobs, and if you're careful you shouldn't take any fall damage from disengaging down the mountain. I illustrated the path in the screenshot below.

Another way I've seen him tamed is to kite him down the mountain. Personally I wouldn't recommend this way unless your very careful with Disengage. Disengaging at the wrong location while working your way down can lead to a ton of falling damage or even death. I also found there was a much greater probability of running into hostile mobs along the way. Which ever route you decide to take though, it will probably take a few tries before you figure out what works best for you.

Making it happen:

Now let's talk about the tame itself, and the spells you should be using the most to make this work. Concussive shot is a must. This spell should be used whenever it's not on cooldown. The moment the debuff wears off of Gumi's speed skyrockets instantly. Use Glaive toss whenever it's available, and the same goes for Ice Trap. Concussive shot is your most important slow, but glaive toss and ice trap certainly do help. 

Keep up as many dots up as you can while trying to keep as much distance as possible. That really is the name of the game here. Try to keep serpent sting up at all times. Use A Murder of Crows right away, and after using readiness be sure to use it again! The same goes for Dire Beast, summon this extra pet whenever it's up. Most of your damage will likely be coming from your dots, so everything helps. Don't forget to throw a snake trap and explosive trap in his path as well. Snake trap not only adds a dot, but it will also help slow him down a bit.

If you get hit by Gumi while kiting be sure to pop a healing potion or use your Exhilaration. When/if he hits you don't forget to put aspect of the Cheetah back on, as getting hit will knock the buff off if your using the glyph. If things start looking bad and Gumi is all up in your junk, Stampede can be your best friend. I found Stampede to be my "oh shit!" button for this tame. I'd recommend not using this cooldown right away, but save it for when you really need it.

When Gumi starts getting fairly low on health (25-30% or so) get ready to begin your tame. Make sure there is as much distance between you and him as possible. As soon as his Strong Will buff wears off you'll want to throw a Binding Shot in front of him, use that pet abandon macro, then hit Deterrence and Tame Beast as quickly as possible. 

Here is a video below of my successful kite through the mountain path and tame. ~

Good luck to those who give this guy a shot and happy hunting! ^-^

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Tame Degu (Red Spectral Porcupine)

As promised, I've written up some short guides on each of the new spectral porcupines that we'll be seeing in patch 5.2. As a quick overview - there are three spectral porcupines total, and they each have not only a unique look, but a unique way to tame them as well. These tames may remind you of the Molten Front/Mt. Hyjal taming challenges introduced in 4.2.

Each one of these beasts will have a buff called Strong Will when you first come upon them. The tooltip for this buff reads "Cannot be tamed until weakened". In order to weaken them to the point where they can be tamed you will need to dps them down to about 20% health. The thing is however, these pretties will two shot anyone that gets in their melee range. This is where your going to want to know a little more about what makes each of these beasts tick.

Degu, the red spectral porcupine, has an ability called Barbed Needle that will two-shot people with poison who attack her from too far a range. The spell tooltip reads a 15-50 yard range, so the goal with her is to try to always stay within 15 yards. It's also crucial not to let her get too close because she can also two-shot you with her melee hits. This particular tame requires keeping her at that "perfect" distance while dpsing her down until her Strong Will buff wears off.

Concussive Shot will be the most important tool in your box for this tame. Use it whenever it's off cooldown. Ice Trap will also come in very handy in slowing her down. I used Ice Trap and Snake Trap whenever they were up, and they certainly helped. Disengage can also be a lifesaver if you notice she is just about in melee range, but if you do use it make sure you run back toward her immediately! If you simply disengage and stay where you are you could end up getting hit by Barbed Needle. Moving forward toward her will get her to stop her Barbed Needle cast once you get within 15 yards. (Do note that Scatter Shot is completely ineffective against her.)

Degu patrolling along the canyon wall in Krasarang Wilds
The best place to kite her while dpsing her down is right along the canyon wall where she patrols. It's nice and straight, and you should encounter very few (if any) hostile mobs along that wall. I recommend using all of your cooldowns on her and don't forget to use Readiness so that you can utilize some of those cooldowns a second time. If things start to look bad I highly recommend using Feign Death to reset her. It takes far less time to bandage or eat than it does to run from the graveyard. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future, but currently your most likely to rez at one of the Valley of the Four Winds graveyards such as Halfhill if you die along the wall. I imagine this happens because although Degu is clearly in Krasarang Wilds, she is technically in Valley of the Four Winds. The zone doesn't change to Krasarang until you move a pretty decent distance from the wall.

I marked a red line on the map below to indicate where she can be found patrolling. ~

Here is a video below of a not-so-smooth tame where you can see me getting hit by Barbed Needle a couple of times (I used Exhilaration and then a health pot to regain my health after each hit). I even fracked up the actual tame as well by moving, causing Deterrence to end before tame beast could finish. Luckily tame beast finished before I got eaten for breakfast.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Blackrock Mountain Rares

Chromehound and Chrominius (with magical pet biscuit)
Blackrock Mountain, the volcanic zone containing six instances between Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge, is home to three rare spawns. Two of these rares are exotic tamable hunter pets that were added in patch 5.1. The third rare I wouldn't even really consider a "rare" due to his incredibly short respawn timer, but thanks to his silver dragon portrait he'll get a quick mention here.

The most notable rare in this zone is without a doubt Chromehound, an eye-catching level 49 core hound that shares the exact same color and model as the raid boss Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair. Yes, those of us that have tamed Chromaggus already - hes not unique anymore. Quite honestly I don't think its a big deal though. This skin is still rare enough as it can only be tamed via these two sources. If anything, I think obtaining Chromehound as a pet can prove to be even more difficult than Chromaggus due to competition from others (especially with crz) and his spawn timer which seems to be somewhere in the 3 hour + area.

You can find Chromehound wandering around the circular path in the uppermost level (The Molten Span) when you first enter the mountain. Every time I've seen him up he was moving counter-clockwise, and spawned near the large northern chain. I drew his path in red on the map below.

The second new rare added to Blackrock Mountain in 5.1 is Crystalfang, a level 49 red shale spider. Crystalfang is one of only two tamable shale spiders that can be found in this color before encountering the level 80+ shale spiders in Deepholm and The Stonecore. That being said, you will still need to be at least level 69 and in beast mastery spec to tame him.

His spawn timer is similar to that of Chromehound, and you can find him in the lowest level of the mountain in The Masonary just west of the entrance to Blackrock Depths. He spawns right in the corner, surrounded by three aggressive dwarves. I have marked his spawn point in red on the map below.

The final rare in this zone has been a long time inhabitant, and can really only be called a rare thanks to his lovely silver dragon portrait. His spawn timer is incredibly fast - I'd say somewhere around 10 minutes give or take. This guy always drops the Vilerend Slicer, and like other rares - a very decent amount of experience for leveling characters. You'll find The Behemoth patrolling back and forth east to west through The Grinding Quarry on your way to Blackrock Depths.